in the wonder of light

created by jackson gore

is a weaving of visions and words

an exploration of what lies beyond the mystery of our existence

and is born from a deep connection and reverence for nature


captivated by the storytelling capacity of art and photography

and its potential for emotively offering and

revealing new realities for people to encounter and experience

a born nomad and animist

my work is inspired by ancient and indigenous wisdom

and those that honour the sacredness of the land and the purity of ritual

through my work i aim to dissolve the perceived separation between humans and nature

to momentarily offer an experience that brings to life the spirit in all things

and to ultimately merge a deeper connection to the eternal self

and illuminate the innate internal beauty of humanity outwards


presently focused on the mediums of analogue and digital collage, as well as abstract watercolour

all works available for purchase; original pieces and limited edition prints > enquire

i am open for commission and collaboration proposals > enquire

i write copy for websites and brands in the healing arts > enquire


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