Born under a 91% November waxing gibbous moon in London, England in the early onset of winter, when I was given the name Jackson. At this moment the moon was 11.77 days old in its cycle, and also, incidentally, that many days older than I. 

Since 2011 (or more likely for several lifetimes) I have been on a journey to truly seek and uncover that which ignites my heart, in a direction that resonates with the joyful and loving part of my being. I have taken some tangent alleyways and roads, across some strange paths and colourful meadows, all of which have enlivened my days with some magical connections and beautiful cherished moments.   

This journey has been, and continues to be, a mesmeric and, often times, chaotic ride as I delve within to explore the boundaries that exist and the constructs that consume, and are better released. 

I am passionate about the mystical and the wondrous great mystery we walk, never more so than when I am immersed in the vibrancy and stillness of our extraordinary planet, and further beyond that, in through the sky and stars above. 

I am passionate about regenerative agriculture, utilising the perfection within nature to reignite the agni (fire) of the earth around me, through thoughtful care and cultivation, allowing the seemingly obsolete to be reborn into limitless potential - working within a food forest or garden, watching the elements and spirits of the natural world grow is the deepest amazement and awe you will find me in. It never ceases to bewilder and invigorate me. It is the purest form of healing I am yet to find. 

I am passionate about regenerative metaphysical non-duality, utilising the perfection within (and beyond) ourselves, which each being innately possesses (and channels), to ignite the agni of the soul within, to allow the limitless potential to thrive. My journey has led me to meditation, breath work, vibrational sound immersion and chanting of mantras as a gateway to listen to, and participate with, the perfection that resides within, and beyond, me. These channels have allowed me to go deeper, to excavate, to listen to Truth, to heal and to allow my heart space to flow and flourish. This journey, I hope, is endless. The space to grow and learn and to be reborn, continuously, feels infinite.


I am passionate about supporting myself and others through the journey of Oneness and inner discovery, which ultimately leads to fulfilment in this realm of life, and also blissful acceptance of our own immortality.  

I am passionate about creating, from writing to painting to photography - I love capturing a moment in time, encapsulating it, a unique expression that allows something within to sprout outward, conveying and releasing itself in form, to be shared and sometimes re-examined. 

I am passionate about finding a sanctuary that enables those on, or interested in, a similar journey to mine, to explore the inner realms through breath, sound, creativity, nature immersion - and love. This sanctuary is the next phase, and it is on the horizon. If any of this resonates with you, feel free to make a connection. 

And for now, I continue on, as a servant and advocate for Our mother - Pachamama - the very fabric of light, and for the Source - the great mystery - the soil on which we walk, and for Love, the foundation of harmony.


I continue on, joyously in to the unknown, in the wonder of light. 

Love is All 


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