a fuse of visions, words and sounds to take you deeper in to the moment

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This life is not the visions I have seen

nor is it the waking dreams that stir my thoughts

it is not the earth I see before me

not the rising trees or the blossoming desires

nor is it the sacred waters within

or the soul that sings me to sleep at night

There is no judge

no wrong, no right

no atoms

no dust

no deep place of ether that is everything and nothing

all in one breath

all is not

but the majestic miracle of the universe telling wondrous stories of its own heart


Rishikesh, India // 21”02”17

The dreams begin and there is uncertainty

where they end

the water of the lake below me is clear

clarity unearthing the unknown depths below

Its surface shimmering golden notes of eons

I swim deeper into the quest of knowing

My eyes travel between worlds

when the answer calls that knowing is not knowledge

Knowledge is the journey

knowing never rises in the marvel of liberation

only Mystery chants Her sweetness

and soaks our souls in the immaculateness of Heart


Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala // 17"02"18

In the noise of the aarti drum

time loosens its grip and my senses merge with the river below

In Rishikesh, the air a subtle cold from the snowfall far north near Mussoorie

As the sun slowly sets down stream

bringing to life the soft purple wonder of the dusk sky

the rhythmic swelter of the sounds by the Ganges draw me within

to an essence, a feeling

that in this place, we drift towards the Source and soul of All love with greater clarity

because the river acts as a reflection

a mirror

that shows us all

everything we seek is within

our eyes tell the story of our soul

the shrine, the temple

the universe is our own heart

and with each new sun

we are reminded that our journey is the awareness that every living entity shares, and is

that same love


Rishikesh, India // 01”02”17

We gathered round the fire, unsure which faces we would find huddled each night around the sacred space;

singing, dancing, loving, laughing, hiding, dwelling, shining, sulking, tripping, caressing, hugging, flying –

all alive within the moment

The fire brought us family, warmth and a togetherness

its wild flames carved magical bursts of orange into the thick black void of night

In the existence within this valley of the wanderers

there was a beauty that could not be tainted, no matter the frequent downpours

the vagabonds that had carried their bodies towards the promise of simplicity and food

searching for shelter and a space to just be, away from judgment, away from fears, away from the smooth and in to the raw –

to just for some time, be amongst a family of the same seekers

the same restless adventurers, the same hopes and desires, seeking love and understanding

a tribe that would offer us all

a space

to come home

Remembering Rainbow, Portugal // 17”05”17 

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Here the moon rises brighter each night

while we wait with focus and intent

to unravel before Her beauty, Her wisdom, Her light

Her fullness

Each day in this community of wanderers wonders rise

The changing energy from the elements and constant arrival of new faces confronts me

sets me a new path each rising sun

The characters that remain constant, become more than family

because while a familiar grows, a strangeness lurks – their presence is more like the objects of repetition from my childhood;

the post box at the top of the road

the newsagents a bike ride away

that large tree I’d always notice when walking my dog

the street light around the corner that flickered, for years –

and as the list of constant faces grows

so does the unity


Rainbow Gathering, Portugal // 09”05”17

The setting sun had turned the sky in to a marvel of purples and an ever-rising illumination of orange LOVE Where are the angels in this hour? LOVE Deep within my eyes LOVE Everything became perfection LOVE The air a melting sensory explosion of calm LOVE The flicker of soon to be bright stars nestled in the merging world above LOVE I stopped, paused, widened my gaze, and breathed in all I could LOVE Salvaged every particle in the storage yard of the mind I call my own LOVE In that moment, I felt myself fly and trickle and submerge, I was now standing on another plain, within another realm LOVE away from Portugal, away from my bones, away from my blood and breath and hands, away from the pulse of the vessels that form a network within, away from the stories, away from the concept of time and language and eyes LOVE and there I was, gazing at the perfection of colour, at the treasure of light LOVE It was me, but in another form, and I felt that form, that entity, sink into the abyss of wonder LOVE sink into an ember of One deeper than the layers of understanding, this entity and I basked within this void, this magnificent radiant glow and covered ourselves in the dust of its glory LOVE And then, the widening dusk sky brought me back to standing within the bones of self, within the realm of matter, under the purple and orange LOVE but I was changed, I was no more the man before, I knew that I was glowing from within, powdered in a dust of LOVE


Serra da Estrela, Portugal // 25”06”17


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