A Gone Forever Being


This gentle, agonising torture of a gone forever being

their skin and bones put upon the annihilating fire

With their ashes goes my hope, goes my love

So much hurt, even the beauty of the ocean sinks beneath my pain

In my heart I know her soul lives on

but that is not enough

gone forever is the language of her tongue

her calming touch scattered like a grain of sand somewhere upon the dunes

Years spent hiding from the memory of my mothers’ face

too raw, too real a vision

her last words etched with sharp daggers like a gift of rotting flesh

Anguish, the pillow where I rest my head

with time comes acceptance

that allows for a desolate disappointment to supersede all else

I find a quiet corner in this world to gaze upon creation

in this moment I find peace resting beside me

Her love abundant in everything I see

cold chills deliver the gift of knowing

Her love

rests within me

Pyrenees, France // 24”07”15

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