A Return To Europe

I wasn’t but a shadow

an afterthought to the day

I had returned to the cold winds of Atlantic late-late winter

that was drenched in tales of an impending spring

I leafed through the memories inside

that had crossed the time zones with me

joyous laughter, sounds of freedom, love

so deep

of flowing waters that cooled the beating hearts of the Indian tropical sun

I sunk into the duvet that had become a defense between myself and the outside world

I crawled, upright

I limped, with no physical impediment

my eyes, sullen and weary, dragged my mind through the present

and.. and..

I was here


a being of spirit and cosmic eternal intelligence and wonder

as majestic as a sky soaked purple from the setting sun silhouetting dense forests and distant mountains

I stood tall

Here I am

I am ready


with love

I am here

my entire body filled with the heat of pure sun that I so longed for

and I headed downstairs to make a cup of herbal tea and play Skylarking by Horace Andy

imperious and tattooed with a smile as wide as the joy of the sound of rain droplets on a tin roof

Biarritz, France // 26”03”17

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