Aarti Drum

In the noise of the aarti drum

time loosens its grip and my senses merge with the river below

In Rishikesh, the air a subtle cold from the snowfall far north near Mussoorie

As the sun slowly sets down stream

bringing to life the soft purple wonder of the dusk sky

the rhythmic swelter of the sounds by the Ganges draw me within

to an essence, a feeling

that in this place, we drift towards the Source and soul of all love with greater clarity because the river acts as a reflection

a mirror

that shows us all

everything we seek is within

our eyes tell the story of our soul

the shrine, the temple, the universe is our own heart

and with each new sun, we are reminded that our journey is the awareness that every living entity shares, and is

that same love

Rishikesh, India // 01”02”17


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