Across, over unknown ridges

Across, over unknown ridges

a mountain, weathered and green, inhabited by unseen lives

the gentle flowing sound of water evaporates my minds confusions

an ounce of breeze softly elevates my presence

the song of playful birds brings love to my ears

heat, so breathless, rests upon me

The most miniscule of all soldiers, black ants gather amongst the sprigs of dried grass and weeds deep within a maze of their own movement

A mosquito hovers beside me long before his hour and it is then that I realise the masculinity in the describing of this miniature predator

Timelessness approaches, distant songs of ancient melodies that lift our fettered souls to pastures of Oneness, unifying oceans of harmony and a wonder so heavy my eyes simply close

Pyrenees, France // 30”07”15

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