Castelo da Lousã

There is an inner quaking

of urgency

That subsides with the breath

dissolves with the light and fever

of present awareness

of melting to the ever-evolving greatness

of existence

It is not the quaking that passes, but the urgency

For the wisdom that flows is that all shall be, when the soul is ready

An urgency, which is born from fear, does not serve the unearthing

the process of becoming

Only stillness and gratitude placards the invisible, the all covering

radiance of mystery that governs each and every fractal of dialogue

of action, of wonder and majesty, every particle

every touch and taste

The mysterious life-force which awakens itself within the breeze that gently caresses the leaves of an oak tree

or the sound of flowing water smoothing a pebble that is partly submerged between the two worlds of liquid and air

it speaks to say

carry on, into the unknown

holding only, that nothing is all you can truly know, carry on

into the mystery, with joy and love and passion and the present shall reveal itself with magnified wisdom and harmony

carry on, truly, with openness and release, carry on, for if you do, I will awaken your eyes

that in each moment

I carry on with you

Castelo da Lousã, Portugal // 18”07”17

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