Dawn Breaks (2013)

Dawn breaks

My yawn; so full, deep, lost

I creek, my aching neck turns, the window, today, just like yesterday, a gift

my present, a view that inhales and consumes, exhales, distracts, rejuvenates and fulfils

I spill my liquid, the water flows across the cold, cracked and tiled floor

My head, shakes

my mouth


I lift my body, so heavy, my nose touches dust

I pull myself towards the windowpane

the light draws closer, becoming all I see, until – it is nothing but a back drop to the maze that crawls beneath my perch

I sit and watch the wave of confusion crush expectation

hope lingers and holds me

I remember when beauty was never cherished, it was too steady, too everything – all I could see was Truth


I search and long for that simplicity

thoughts that flow freely within a boundless space

I jump into the ocean that is the outside, unfurl and poke, slipping deeper

the world outside feels cold and murky, what lies beneath are limbs and love, battle scars, faded cloth, light, honesty

my toe is dipped, I fear to submerge any more

its abrasive touch flickers my senses

Water, I need water.

Margao, India // 14"10"13


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