Dear Falcon

Gliding, the falcon came to ask me

What love do you seek?

Shocked and taken aback at the astute precision of his question, I navigated inwardly to feel

Around me the world kept moving;

people flee and meander past, animals flock and retreat

the river rushes downstream, visions flow, concepts form and wither

time is in motion

far-off ancient cities governed by playful spirits re-cover with green foliage and return to hidden kingdoms

life blossoms and blooms as the soil regenerates its own matter

colours leap out and entwine with the stark reality of structure and illumination

I…I……I require only love

I find

without label or distinction

Love from the essence of my heart, without boundary or idea

just pure, unconscious, unattached radiant splendor

The same love I see in your eyes, dear falcon

Without another word, the floating falcon turns and rises to catch a wave on a rush of air

and gracefully departs

leaving me


with no trace of his presence ever having existed

Rishikesh, India // 21”01”17


© 2020 // in the wonder of light // all content held