Departure Loomed

I was all sorts of emotions

many layers of magnetism had occurred and now, the sweet melancholy of departure loomed

I waited in the slowly passing darkness for the rising sphere to electrify

the deep violet radiating the sky

a hush of pink was gently arriving

Such magic it has been

yet, my heart still thirsts

and not because it hasn’t been filled

but because love is vaster than the infinite

and now

my heart keeps expanding

and yet

even with this yearning

the sun will rise and offer me the fullest love there is


without question or reason or motive

deep gratitude for life

The sky orange has awoken

I am bathed in the rising embers of rebirth

the rising nectar that is this light

powerless, this moment tastes of the everlasting

SA, Mexico // 30"01"18


© 2020 // in the wonder of light // all content held