Dusk Approaches (In Lousa)

Dusk approaches while luminous breaths of pristinely engraved white clouds hang still in the sky far off, as if beacons of a gateway to another world. The sunlight mesmerises and glistens all it touches, soft and rhythmic bird song dances between the air, a question – why do we over complicate life? – passes through my mind, when life can be nothing more than the perfection we see in nature.

The light of this hour brings me closer to the sky above, drifts me up towards the infinite hues of dusk, close enough that I sense being only a short distance to the heavens, and subsequently closer to the mortality that will one day consume this body and vessel I inhabit, and within this moment exists a fearlessness of that impending end, whenever it shall be, sat in the light of this hour, amongst the sounds of blissful nature, watching the stillness of life, as if it were the most captivating painting I ever saw, feeling touched by the supreme wondrous element of creation and destruction, the all encompassing force that bounds each and every particle together and magnetises all that is, I fear nothing, not even death itself, and I can do nothing, but feel love.

Soon I will be gone from here, from this view, back down in to the plains and beyond, and perhaps even the memory of the visions I see in this moment will go too, and maybe even this feeling of pure Oneness will rise like vapour into the ether – but what stays for eternity is the glow of harmony the love in this moment brings my soul, it pours its’ wonder and fills my soul with the pulsating illumination of love that can only be seen in its glowing, beating form in the realm of the spirits, but can be felt and witnessed in our world

in the grace and play of nature.

Serra da Lousã, Portugal // 05"05"17


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