Every Corner

World, what are you?

Your love is staggering

I say this to honour the catastrophe of bewilderment you have plagued me with

now I seek it at each and every corner

each stream of light, each breath

I reach out to taste its tremors

to shatter my wasteful perceptions

The undoing it bestows upon me is my fortress

I succumb innately to its mastery

its fragments of rapture spark my inner chambers alive

I am you

They caress

We am I

They confirm

I am

I say

There is light now, its root is the darkness that once stood

that once was a filter for all that could be, it was the promise and the perfection

it was the silent knowing

the reckoning

the nourishment of nothingness

And it was formed of our essence

it was formed of our birth, our conception, our seed, our void

it was our ancestors

it was our children

it was the infinite expanse of unquantifiable glory

It is us

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala // 05"03"18


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