The search for a home had once again exhausted my lust for being a witness to this miracle of breath, of air, and water and light – the search had once again rendered me exhausted through confronting my own desire for a dwelling to call a refuge, a space hidden from this worlds need for me to exist, somewhere I can return to free from obligation, unless it is one I have constructed, just to be and to share with others who would benefit from a nourishing recuperation amongst an open heart

the search tires me as it connects with my emotional need to sometimes withdraw from non-soul nurturing interaction, a time when all I need, not want, is to sit with the trees, listen to the movement of leaves in a burst of breeze or talk openly with a mirroring soul about the marvelling effects the planets have on my presence

The home, for me, is a space on this earth to quietly disappear to for a time, back into the womb of spirit and listen in silence to the roar of all existence lovingly laying a blanket and a pillow for me on freshly cut grass in the shade of an old cork tree

and saying

take a nap, rest a while

we’ll be here waiting for you when you rise again

Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal // 03”06”17

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