The horchata was mellow and sweet

full of the afternoons promise

each sip another taste of a land

that was both childhood reverence and present elation

The world beside me was melting

I was firmly hidden amongst the departing shadows

life swayed and mingled and coerced, much like the palm trees dotted amongst the town square I was sat opposite

the breeze brought more heat, more laughter, deeper absolution

She’ll never know his name

he thought

as she glanced back for one more look at his eyes upon her

she’ll never know just what it is he saw in that moment as her imprint touched existence

the grace, the seduction of her poise, the emanating nectar of peace that drew a cauldron of desire

But she took with her, I am certain, a contentment, that their eyes had met at all

Some of the best stories are found in silence

found in the lost moments between words

The intrigue of the unknown, the devilish splendour of the unsaid

the space where imagination runs wild and is set free

so often

it runs between two hearts

Merida, Mexico // 27”03”18


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