I Awoke

I awoke to the shattering of sleep

to the rise of yellow within my eyes

to the speechless merging of illusion and reality

I was back

Back where I left in the nightly blur of rest some time previous

I was alone

I was covered in tired bones

weighted by their presence

softened by the journey that had been within, that had feathered me upwards and out

into the state of formless wonder

Floating, as I did, through the jungle of mind

the tapestry and taste of no-where

of home and foreign land

of dust and earthen splendour

of colour and infinite darkness

of all that is and nothing that be

Existence was no more

no more could I feel, as I was beyond organ, beyond, beyond breath

sight was not an option, there were visions and I was vision

I was covered in a light of stars that glistened in the light of spheres

the only sense

the only essence

the only seed

the only particle within was that of Unity, of Joy, of Being, of Silence

of Love

Pego Das Pias, Portugal // 02”08”2017


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