I Heard You Calling

I heard you calling

out from within the darkness of the night

fragments of a delicate love

sweet and free

The streets and lanes of Rishikesh were blowing a gentle wind under the blackness of the night sky

The days’ piles of burning rubbish still warm and pungent

Silence danced in the air amongst the subtle sounds of life

All shops and stalls firmly shut, awaiting only for sunrise to beckon in a new day, a new hope

I stood and stretched my back

I breathed in, deeply

an aroma of peace caressed every inch of my body

I tasted knowledge;

That harmony comes from belonging to and being in the present, allowing your soul the freedom to exist only in each moment, unattached from the minds game of longing for the past or expecting for the future – to wish for nothing, but only feel gratitude for all you have, to feel at home within and to feel and offer love, for all, with all you are, is a freedom and gift to our own nature, our own spirit, that only each individual can awaken within themselves

Rishikesh, India // 19”01”17


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