If There Are Oceans

If there are oceans

she is the land

If there is sky

she is the sun

She gives formation to the formless

Her smile did lift the cold from the morning wind

it beamed such exquisite harmony

that I was certain it rose the sun each day just so it could be seen

She spoke softly, mindfully, peacefully

of the breathing trees

witnessing their subtle and mystical inhalations brought her to pause

to awareness

to light, to awe, to Love

Her words skip, they dance, and glide

the blossoming flower of awakening perfectly coming to bloom within her heart

Her presence upon my path stuns me into silence, into gratitude

There is a part of me that lights a drifting, glowing star far within the cosmos of void, in the deepest reaches of potential, far beyond thought, beyond reason, beyond dream

and her being

awakens my awareness to that stars glowing existence

Somewhere South, Portugal // 21”09”17


© 2020 // in the wonder of light // all content held