I stand, grasped by the invisible flowing wave of consciousness

gasping, I sit

I rest on the crumbling pavement beneath me

my camera tightly clasped in the palm of my hand, not moving

the view is filled with gruesome beauty, smells rise while parched feet wander past mingling with the disillusionment of hope

I return inward to my thoughts, sat amongst the carnage of our modern world


a child, young enough to be my own, captures my vision

laughing, he is draped in dirt sodden, ripped clothes

He plays an undecipherable game with himself

an almost dance, jolting around an empty, once white, now brown-stained plastic sack

The child never looks up, never looks around himself, he stays fixated on the sack while contorting his body to movements that flow like an unconscious reaction to his surroundings

The child continues

until suddenly an older boy briskly wanders towards him, picks up the once white, brown-stained sack, shouts loudly and darts off out of view

The younger child rushes after him until, he too, disappears

and I am left with a void and memory of what once was

Jaipur, India // 15"11”15


© 2020 // in the wonder of light // all content held