Losing Time

We had found the way to draw out time, so moments felt like hours, and hours, days – we were gifted this new world through the experience of our bond, journeying together into the unknown without thought, aside from the continuing awareness of the beauty of now, the magnificence of connection and understanding, the beaming light of love within for our own movements and the momentum that had brought us to nature and thus, to ourselves.

We knew it would end, some day soon our life outside of this momentary union would draw us apart, but it would not be like other times, with other souls, it would end with a beginning, a fullness of heart, a renewed sense of self and gratitude, for it had opened my being to just be, to accept what is, and with an open heart without fear or doubt, without desire or greed, to experience the smile and beauty of another soul who mirrored my own breath and to be surrounded by, encompassed by an ever growing knowing that existence sings the song of love eternally, the song of wonder and mystery, of growth through connection to tribes of soul resonance, of flowers of exquisite birth, as we all are, once I have purged myself of all that is fear, that is doubt, that is not born from love, I gain the essence of self, the haze of subtle confusion clears, and there I am, as One, as Being, as All, in the freedom of knowing that all One can do is love the faith within, nurture it and allow it space, to flourish, to fully experience in as many moments as possible that divine spirit flies effortlessly and towards harmony, always, when submerged in the awareness of Now

Somewhere, Portugal // 08”08”17


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