On The Path Of Santiago

The bells of a nearby church

ring once

at 17:45

A breeze from down stream nestles upon my face


the vinho verde

softens my senses

drifts me to an horizon of harmonious sleepiness

I watch the Rio Lima float by

amongst the lazy sounds of Sunday

in Ponte De Lima

Still by the river

the evening chill drifts in

as the church bell chimes seven times

The sun sets a shining glow against the window of a building opposite

as I wait for the blood red moon of 2015

The empty bottles of vinho verde strewn along the river bank like the debris of a fallen drunk

a timelessness as the sound of the river beautifies my ears

The intriguing beauty I found walking beside me along The Camino earlier that day, gently strolls back towards me with the click-clack of her newly purchased flip flops and an empty glass in one hand

Ponte De Lima, Portugal // 27”09”15


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