On This Day

On this day of muster and strife

muted and still

the mind hallowed and lonely

battling with the scorpio full moon energy

The flowers speak


They say,


From what?

I ask, insolently

What am I healing from?

From knowing

They respond

But I don’t know anything!

I shout

That is true.. and false

You know

deep within

Look there

I’m frustrated and tired, and find the flowers to be antagonistic

Why can’t you just be clear, just say what you think I know!

Nothing. No sound is shared

My eyes stare intently at the flowers, the many colours and sizes and, as a subtle breeze picks up and mellows in sudden gentle bursts, I watch their varying degrees of movement

The yellows of the marigolds pulse with vibrancy, their hum sweetens my eyes

As I stare deeper, I see each petal, an individual of the whole, free yet connected

The stem; strength and virility, life force and protection

its roots filtering the unseen world beneath

The flower, I notice, a gift, an offering, from that unseen world, sprouted forth from the life of existence below, a world so vast in brilliance, so pure in magic, so fully incomprehensible to our cautious minds, cosmic and earthly, abundant and free, limitless in its divinity, powerless in its innate majesty

Its beauty only ever seen in what it grows and sprouts from within

Ah yeah,

I smile

I know

Aljezur, Portugal // 02"05"18


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