Onwards Into The Journey (2013)

We made a beeline for Varanasi – it was the only thing to do.

Standing, as we were, or to be more precise, lying – ill, weak and exhausted in the centre of Mumbai; hiding from the sun, the cars, the noise, pollution, confusion, hawkers, travellers – our only pursuit was that of finding a place to eat every so often, a task that proved, on many occasion, far too complicated in our fragile state.

So, thirty hours of train travel stood between us, and it.

We scoured maps, internet sites, discussed the pros, the cons of many a destination – but everything we did, led us back to just one thing – if we went to so and so, how would we then get to Varanasi.

Benares, Kashi, Varanasi – whatever you call it, the place is still the same.

So and so could wait, we decided we had to be somewhere.

The simple truth is – it is hard to regret the past, when the present has you in Varanasi.

There is something; an air, an atmosphere, an energy – a breeze that belies an honesty, a truth of life, any wander through the gullies will take you on a journey you thought only existed in someone else's reality.

For this city, is a soul.

Varanasi, India // 13"01"13

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