Porto (Preparing For Santiago)

In Porto, the faint gawking of seagulls overhead

my thoughts take flight with their wings

to the salty, fresh air of crashing waves

cracks of blue sky hidden by puffy embers of grey

to rusting metal docks, a once new frontier, slowly decaying to a lifeless and unused remnant of a superior past

The streets are brisk and lively under the late September early evening half moon above, which is nestled in the skies last light

Soulful figures clamber past; buskers bring light to the darkening lanes, their sounds permeating the cobbles beneath my feet

In two days I disappear on to the path of Santiago, a well trodden journey that is unique for all that encounter its opening arms

I send my body and soul to allow my heart to open, to find peace, let go of pain, indecision and any lingering suffering, to find direction, movement and understanding, spread compassion and love to every living creature along the road, for balance and enquiry, knowledge and truth, and to see views that stop my thoughts

and moments, so beautiful and insignificant, time will stop, and my waking life becomes a cacophony of breathless wonder

Porto, Portugal // 22”09”15


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