Remembering Rainbow (In Lousa)

We gathered round the fire, unsure which faces we would find huddled each night around the sacred space;

singing, dancing, loving, laughing, hiding, dwelling, shining, sulking, tripping, caressing, hugging, cosmic flying – all alive within the moment

The fire brought us family, warmth and a togetherness, its wild flames carved magical bursts of orange into the thick black void of night

In the existence within this valley of the wanderers, there was a beauty that could not be tainted, no matter the frequent downpours

the vagabonds that had carried their bodies towards the promise of simplicity and food, searching for shelter and a space to just be, away from judgment, away from fears, away from what life had dealt them – to just for some time, be amongst a family of the same seekers, the same restless adventurers, the same hopes and desires, seeking love and understanding

a tribe that would offer us all

a space

to come home

Remembering Rainbow from Serra da Lousa, Portugal // 17”05”17


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