Split In Two

I was split in two

That part of me that knows greatness exists wherever the heart sways

I was overcome, once again, by the learning and comfort of a soul connection

a karmic meandering through the pathway of understanding

the ease with which I could grow under the teaching of my own inner wisdom filtered and pouring from another being

And yet, there is an attachment to this force of magic that scares me, as if it were the medicine my spirit ached for, the medicine my spirit had awoken in previous manifestations of existence


who am I to deny any spirit the continuation of magic?

Truth spoke; the lesson is to rise in gratitude for what exists

and yet remain in the radiant light of Love within

I was in San Cristobal, and still am, a town that drifts, stagnates and elongates within a mist of repetition

a soft gentle cold wind sweeps through the lanes of this dozing place, voiceless it sings a melody drawn from the before now

that to gain momentum, to fulfil my potential, to live in Power

I must

just die and die again

until I have surrendered to my very last breath

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico // 02"01"18


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