The Elements (Arouca)

The elements of nature, they speak to me

the stones and rocks, the trees and rivers, the beams of sunlight and the transient clouds

their words echo through my heart

their silence and stillness breathes air as tranquil and serene as the conjured image of heaven itself

fountains of wisdom pour from their existence, and no creature, human or animal or plant, is left unmoved from a moment in their presence

Or are these words purely a manifestation of my own inner wisdom flowing free when I surround myself where peace abides?

Who knows? Who cares! As I feel it, in moments of true, unexplainable beauty the language of existence comes alive, and its voice flows through the beauty of nature, it speaks, without prejudice, to all who witness its presence in the plethora of all that is within Mother Earths garden, even just a cursory glance of gratitude in its direction and this dialogue opens, the exchange of registering that natures value and reach is far greater than just the object my eyes see, that the bond we share is One, as is the bond with all and everything that this momentary illusion called Life shows me

wisdom flies free and softly says, as quietly and masterfully as the flutter of butterfly wings

Love, Love

near Arouca, Portugal // 01”06”17

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