The Joy Expanded

The joy expanded and I was still were I had woken

The merry flow of beauty was not lost on me

I hope never

it held me

licked its bliss upon my body

I knew where I had to go

I only had to release the fear

to wait, in patience

in gratitude

for a feather to drop

to allow the way to appear

The symmetry serenely whistled

fragrances from the north sublimed and cajoled

I remembered Pondicherry

for what reason, I do not know

but it serenaded me

from then

to now

The aroma sings of the deep past

A life before now I lived in its scent

it soothes my being into nothing more than being

it loses me as I loosen within

I sense the horizon

I sense the colours

I taste the wonder

the incense of freedom

of the unknown

of possibility

of a life grasped and confronted

I taste the wonder

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala // 14”03”18


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