The Setting Sun (Estrela)

The setting sun had turned the sky in to a marvel of purples and an ever-rising illumination of orange LOVE Where are the angels in this hour? LOVE Deep within my eyes LOVE Everything became perfection LOVE The air a melting sensory explosion of calm LOVE The flicker of soon to be bright stars nestled in the merging world above LOVE I stopped, paused, widened my gaze, and breathed in all I could LOVE Salvaged every particle in the storage yard of the mind I call my own LOVE In that moment, I felt myself fly and trickle and submerge, I was standing on another plain, within another realm LOVE elsewhere, away from Portugal, away from my bones, away from my blood and breath and hands, away from the pulse of the vessels that form a network within, away from the stories, away from the concept of time and language and eyes LOVE and there I was, gazing at the perfection of sky, at the treasure of colour LOVE It was me, but in another form, and I felt that form, that entity, sink into the abyss of wonder LOVE sink into an ember of One deeper than the layers of understanding, we lay within this void, this magnificent radiant glow and covered ourselves in the dust of its glory LOVE And then, the widening dusk sky brought me back to standing within the bones of self, within the realm of matter, under the purple and orange LOVE but I was changed, I was no more the man before, I knew that I was glowing from within, powdered in a dust of LOVE

Serra da Estrela, Portugal // 25”06”17

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