The Stars Had Yet To Sleep

The stars had yet to sleep

glistening with harmony in the eternal sky

as I waited, patiently, for the soft whisper of orange to rise

The ocean was louder than before

deeper, richer

more soothing


I felt that if I stepped in to her dark waters

I would be delivered to another world below

one of dream like richness, of towns and villages full of orgasmic colour and serene floating sounds

so thin it seemed

the barrier

between land and sea

I was amongst the heartache

the devilish tone of mind, that devours all

But in this moment it is clear, that the heart does not ache, ever

it is the mind that suffers and twists and chafes, the heart is unchangeable

it cannot stray from purity

from its essence of soothing love

The mind will challenge this, but the deep truth will always rise eventually

I’ve been caught here before, lost within these woods, confused by the hunger

Why have I allowed myself to be caught within this game again?

Still the stars are speaking

slowly singing the light into being

for moments they defeat my mind

with kindness they whisper to my heart

Surrender and allow your radiance to shine

the sky begins to shift effortlessly into a loose purple

do not fear, say the stars, do not fear the radiant love that pours from your spirit, from your soul, from your every breath

The rapture of the ocean roars

the shimmering dots above begin to drift away, one by one, they are inhaled by the rising light

I stand to walk, to move towards the impending bloom of sunrise

and as I do, there is one sentence left to be heard;

If you trust, unwaveringly, without doubt, the unquestionable grace of your own divinity, and that of all others, then everything that happens, does so as it should, and within this awareness

the mind is truly laid to rest

Somewhere, Somewhere // Sometime

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