The Streets Of Paharganj (Delhi)

The streets of Paharganj purr with squalor, which only intensifies the beauty that manages to seep through

Limbless beings patter for my change, sitting centimetres from the savageness of passing cars at the side of the road

There is a feeling that death must arrive here nightly once the last bright and shining neon lights are switched off, and yet, within the chaos, a warmth and order remains

It is an enclave within this vast city that is the beginning and end of so much, each passing being with their own tales, heightened with the backdrop of this polluted and decrepit wonderland for the senses

The India virgins escape at first light, the long-stays and forever-dwellers leave at first insight The beating heart of India, with gateways to all over this country, no matter how many times I return, nothing seems to change – aside from the prices and quality of chai

Opposite Sam’s Café at The Diamond, a hovel canteen serving delicious dhal, echoes of the past remain and yet the road ahead, as normal, is unknown and yet to be revealed

we are all just incarnates of those that came before us, visions of hope, lust and envy

Delhi, India // 20"12”16

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