There Was A Magnificence

There was a magnificence

Maybe it was the drifting light of the sky fire, or the silence of natures tones, or the vivid green roof of the forest beside me

oh wondrous lake, maybe it was you

or perhaps it was the very skin that held my being together

I wasn’t sure what exactly had littered my air with peace

I wasn’t even certain it was anything in particular

but I felt a presence

and my heart, it breathed deeply

I was sat on a rock overlooking the calm surface of water

it glimmered in awe of its own existence

I felt that

I melted into an inner knowing

every element my eyes touched with their sight felt like a portal to another world

a world that knew of its own perfection

each element I looked upon was a gift from that realm

an offering, to say

breath it all in

breath it all in deeply

feel the great beauty that surrounds you

feel the great beauty that is you

now let it go, let it all go –

and continue

with your heart wide open

Barragem Santa Clara, Portugal // 19”08”17


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