Towards Freedom

If there was a figment of any undoing

it was the notion that I was saving myself

that through obligation I would find salvation

that if I entrenched my days and nights in toil towards freedom

I would find myself free

but it is this very act of conscious repetition fused with an idea that a triumphant release exists

that directs me away from self

from harmony

from freedom

Freedom, I found out

stems from being in joyous love without expectation or reason in the present

and harmony is the symbiotic relationship that occurs in such a dynamic

You cannot strive for freedom, for harmony, for balance, or even love

you can only allow yourself to be aware of its continued presence in all that is

The only action one can truly do

is to just be aware without projection or judgment

and therefore, the only real question is

is my heart open

to receive the gift of freedom?

Barão de São Miguel, Portugal // 22"09"17

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