Varanasi (Remembrance)

There are words

in Varanasi

that have no sound

they live in silence

even when spoken

You must understand this

Just like its air breathes life into a mans soul

the waters of Benares heal hearts broken by Gods own hands

You must understand this

Its ghats

older, in mind

than earths own soil

are the arteries in which we find

the gateways

to our inner universe

Just as bodies burn, and suns rise

the city of eternal light

continues to be a beacon of hope

of release

Stories and tales collide so vibrantly

that we know other realms exist

In the ripples of each moment

our senses devour the bliss

You must understand this

There is no other home

than Kashi

There is no other place

that will free a soul

and watch it soar

As spirits fly

even the dust pays attention

and the indescribable beauty

rises from the stench

You must understand this

or not.

Remembering Varanasi // 05”12”16


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