We Were Outside

We were outside

I had my ear against the door

The sound of souls giving roots to our floating hearts

such music soothed even the rotting wooden door, this barrier between us and it

She hadn’t spoken since we’d left the grass field but suddenly she whispered

Have you ever loved the past as much as you love the present?

Such acuteness I could hardly bare

she saw so much of my soul I felt she was moulded from it

My hand was held, her gentleness the gift I’d prayed for under the full moon dusk

some time previous

I had been in a village frequented by few near Vila do Bispo

I forget the month, I remember the smell

long and drifted, its scent of sea and swell and promise

Half broken, I was so full

The tutelage of the shifting winds

mellowed my aching wounds

I was sat beneath the endless vision

of a bellowing sky

drenched, subdued in the all encompassing mist

that strayed upon my eyes

and layered my world with a celestial unity

Vila do Bispo, Portugal // 10"10”17


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