West Of Palenque

What were the elements saying on this bountiful grey morning surrounded by the lush green tropical countryside traversing west of Palenque?

A mystery sang, dwelled deep within my heart, of an unknown quantity, silently preparing itself to be released

The mind took me through journeys of the past, through moments of knowing, of the truth that held itself in light, that severed doubt and touched the nakedness of joy

I would try to describe the perfection of my view outside the window of the Ado bus as it lay before me, but no words could chant its vibration of sublime, its mantra of jungle

In this moment I succumb to the highest knowledge, that I do not ever know and can only surrender to trust the branch of cosmos that prods me to awaken

As I wind through the sumptuous unknown of the land it speaks softly in visions of natures purpose

pour compassion on the fountain of your inner confrontation

pour love on the streams of fear

that trickle through your being

West of Palenque, Mexico // 24”12”17


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