What Are you?

What are you?

The mist queries its own path

the light has almost faded, what exists is pure expression

The sounds around me invoke a pleasure that knows no age

border-less and without form

There is a distance to this moments perfection

an untouchable quality that provokes a seed within that questions its own immortality

the seed defends itself with fear

and yet the offering of nature around me, the silhouette of the forest mountain set amongst the mystery of dusk that is the background to this view, sings only of love, of possibility

of excavating wonder

Sat in the present of this moment

the seed can do nothing but grow in the awareness of this bountiful brilliance

and as it does

fear has no space

no light

no breath to be

it simply


San Marcos, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala // 20”02”18


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