Where Was I?

Where was I?

It was but a glimpse of Unity

How had I got here?

The guesses could be untold in number, my imagination the only obstacle

What was I truthfully looking at?

My eyes were glowing and numb and alive with the spirit of life, everything they gazed upon sank into the heavens of pleasure and spoke LOUDLY, vibrantly, refreshingly of the cooling ocean that poured from within, my eyes were breathing life, breathing a substance that in this realm of earth might be named awe, but it drifted from an inner space of ethereal wonder that was composed of great alluring beauty, vibrant rays of colour, indescribable in rhythm but were senses of gold and red and turquoise and yellow, this substance was endless in size and capacity, and bore fruits of knowledge that softly whispered love that had once fallen from the skies above ancient warriors deep within ceremonial courtship for the sanctity and sacred healing of humanity. That love was, and is, all that has ever been since before the first thought or the birth of the moon, and it is all that shall ever be, and will continue to glow radiantly even after the last grain of consciousness passes on and all that is, is simply nothing.

I surrendered to this substance that had fallen out of my being and only existed due to my eyes connection to its presence. I closed my eyes and started to breathe, inwardly, through the many vacuums within my spirit, I breathed in through my nose, and felt the air fill the lungs of a distant entity, a pleasurable source of mineral and voice, a gentle and colossal roar sounded in the light of its beating heart, and I succumbed to its warmth and care, and soon, before I could feel, I became the raw red and tissue of the heart, and through me it pumped the world of spirit and cosmos and word and thought and light and love and – silence.

I stood up and walked away from the green of the grass, the falling purple of the sky, the voice and chorus of the crickets, and ventured towards a gateway of fire, which lit up the tired, soon to be sleeping daylight, and awoke the rising darkness of the night, and I watched as the two lights playfully jostled for power, knowing full well which would eventually win.

I stood at the rotating and fully flamed entrance to the gateway of fire, and it spoke to me, in silent words so peaceful that I felt every molecule of time that had ever existed since first dawn pause in respect

First came its name

Fogo do espirito,

and then its purpose

To awaken with light, the joy and wonder residing in all creatures born into breath

and it gifted me a reason

I stem from your heart, from the Source, I am nothing but the same, and the creatures, they always find me

when our hearts start to sing

I stood, shapeless

Where was I to go?

Where would you have gone?

I stepped through the gateway –

and vanished.

near Sines, Portugal // 30"07"17


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