With Love, To Syria

Come dine on the speechless

The horror shock witness

All I see is man kill man

Woman and children laid scorn

Skin tone dictates hate

Borders settled by histories misplaced

Conflicting the mind of today

Spilled blood for wedding dresses

As those that born from mouths that denigrate

Married to the vision of their parents hate

All I see is kill for kill

Governments that purport democracy

Cloaked in justice deaf to the injustice

Slain the innocent against the name of the invisible

My neck it aches from too much looking

Who to turn to

My trust is withered

Heart is broken

From the TV screen I see

Everywhere I look another body

In rumble and dust

In fear and desperation

Every word I read

Another being like me

Like you

Like your brother

Like your sister

Your mother

Like all of us

With organs and hair

And eyes that see the despair

This being received a life sentence

Of torment and grief

With power and greed

The hands of the faceless

Dictate their regime on the helpless

While we can only unite and scream

Collecting our meager wages

An offering

To wipe away the pain and sorrow

We feel and see and drown

Within the senseless

Provocative propaganda ignites

Releasing odious distractions

To distrust and suspect

All those that appear different

Neglecting the truth that our blood is all red

Our hearts are all broken

And in the daylights darkness

Where we stand

We see no faces

Just hear the deepening cries

Let each man be your brother

And each woman your mother

The lines that have been created

By the agendas that serve the elite

Are not ours to live by

Not ours to uphold

Do not listen to the lies told

We the people can only be free from tyranny

When we offer compassion and love and hope

We the people can only be free from false democracy

When we shower each being in patience and honesty

So go take a look at the world through the eyes

Of the expanding minority

Born with dreams and a thirst for tenderness

No different from your own

The only difference that they own

Is that of being born within a space

That another man wanted for his own

Thinking of Syria // 19”12”15


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