You Will Find Us

Oh the delicate awakens within

it inflames the presence of devotion

enraptures the aching stillness that exists beneath all I see

We are the unborn

the infinite spirits of spark

glowing in ember, illuminated in glow

Graceful is our dance

and oh! How we dance

Such is our beauty that no water

not even the beloved and supreme Mother Ganges

can capture our play in their reflection

We are senseless

beyond senses

everything, but divinely nothing

An essence of perfection in the song of Joy

that sings of trees sprouting skyward

of rising suns that light the kingdoms

the sweet decay of natures’ cycle

For Joy is Life

it tells us so

And beyond life, beyond breath, beyond light

you will find us


Barragem Santa Clara, Portugal // 17”08”17


© 2020 // in the wonder of light // all content held