Your Spirit Sang

Your spirit sang

I was not sure that you had heard it

so loud were your day’s confusions

There was a glimmer of shine

a haze of brightness that poured from your beauty

moments not of this time stood no chance

your presence lifted the present into being

so vast was the now that time slipped away

I drifted

to the shoreline

And there I was

looking out across the silver lake

the lone silhouette of the nameless fisherman aboard his boat, a beacon of hope, of determination, draws me in to the earthly world behind him

Volcanic mountains shrouded in twilight mist and low wisps of celestially shining clouds

Visions of endlessness

I hear the voice of the ancestors speak

I belong

they shout

We belong

they whisper

The rise of love when your eyes touch the offering that begins in my soul

is the offering that begins in your soul

By this point the ancestors were chanting

their voices the language of light

the language of nature

San Marcos, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala // 26"02"18

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